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At Sule Plastic Surgery, our number one priority is patient health and satisfaction. We strive to achieve the facial aesthetic goals of our patients in the most comfortable setting and gentle manner possible. Dr. Sule believes that facial plastic surgery is really an art form and as such requires an individualized, tailored approach and a keen eye for balance, symmetry and uniqueness. As he has been quoted on many occasions in magazines and on television, skilled facial plastic surgery should achieve a rested, natural and youthful look for the patient, not a done, pulled or odd appearance. And of course every patient’s unique beauty, taste and even ethnicity must be considered when striving to achieve their aesthetic goals. This is why Dr. Sule really believes in taking the time to get to know his patients’ personalities, views, and goals when determining the approach and procedures he will recommend. Patients are often surprised that after the initial consultation, Dr. Sule may recommend an entirely different approach than what they initially thought they needed after he has taken a detailed history of their overall health, lifestyle and aesthetic sensibilities and determined the least invasive, most conservative approach to achieve their desired end result.

As facial plastic surgery techniques advance, more and more less invasive options are emerging and offering patients easier procedures with faster recovery times. Dr. Sule is a firm advocate for these advancements and stays abreast of the latest techniques by regular attendance and participation at all the important national meetings, avid reading of the literature, as well as keeping an open dialogue with his colleagues and mentors in the field including his fellowship director and president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Daniel Russo. As a result of the less invasive techniques, fillers and Botox, facial plastic procedures are being undertaken by younger and younger age groups of patients and men are also rising in prevalence in this field. Dr. Sule is a strong advocate for maintenance of facial youth and his keen interest in the latest techniques positions him well at the forefront of this preventative movement in facial plastic surgery.

In addition to surgery, fillers, Botox and Dysport, Dr. Sule believes that overall facial health and beauty requires a more holistic approach incorporating good skincare, healthy diet and exercise as well as peace of mind. It is for this reason he offers a full range of skincare, chemical peels and lifestyle consultations with Dr. Goomar. As a couple they adhere to the adage practice what you preach adopting many of their own prescribed health and wellness techniques into their own daily lives and routines. You will find Dr. Sule literally every morning at 5 am on a treadmill or attending a spin class at his neighborhood gym even when the temperature drops below freezing in the middle of January!

Sometimes our patients will come in looking for the latest and greatest new thing they saw on Oprah asking why we don’t offer this service at Sule Plastic Surgery. Our answer is that while Dr. Sule is constantly reading and learning about the latest techniques and technologies, we as a practice are always evaluating the long term safety factor before offering these services to our patients. While the media thrives on ratings which may feed on these stories of one hit wonders, we will not offer something in our practice that we would not perform on ourselves or our own family members. In other words, if it is not good enough for Mom, it is not good enough for our patients.

At Sule Plastic Surgery, we believe the office environment should be calm, caring, and unintimidating; never aggressive, intimidating or pushy. We take special care to ensure that our staff is friendly and personable at all times and responds promptly to the needs of our patients whether it is questions or concerns during your office visit or even after hours over the telephone. We believe in keeping the clinic environment small and private so that our patients can enjoy the ultimate in discretion, and, are ready at any time to accommodate any special needs or requests that may arise. We also welcome any feedback, positive or negative, as Dr. Sule views our practice as a work in progress in constant evolution to keep up with the changing needs of our individual patients and the latest advancements in the field.

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Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Sandy Sule
was born in Ruston, Louisiana. He is double board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. He specializes in plastic surgery of the Face, Nose, Eyes, Neck and Scalp.

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  • "I am going on 60 soon, and frankly I have absolutely no interest in looking my age. I had a liquid lift and the whole procedure was very comfortable. No downtime whatsoever and Dr Sule made the whole experience very comfortable" – Heidi Dillon
  • "I wanted to thank you and tell you what a beautiful job you did on my surgery. My eyes look great. You did exactly what I asked for. You and yourstaff made it such a great experience. Thank you again" -.”–J.S.
  • "I was pretty anxious about getting my full facelift and eyelift, but, Dr. Sule was so gentle and caring. My result was better than any of my friends and relatives. One of my co-workers thought I must be in my thirties!!! ”- K.O. (age 50)
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